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Campaign Spotlight

Like from Leo Bulletin in Los Angeles

Like From Leo

CA - Los Angeles

​LikefromLeo.com purchased a billboard to gain social media attention and ultimately get Leonardo DiCaprio to support their cause.​

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Target Audience

​Los Angeles commuters

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The Result

People started uploading photos to social media asking Leo to help, even celebrities joined in! It earned more than 500 media placements around the world.

“OUTFRONT Insiders” is our exclusive on-line community created to gather valuable consumer insights for our advertisers and our partners. It is a forum for engaging consumers (and commuters - whether traveling by car or public transport) and encouraging them to speak up and share their opinions. We can ignite conversations, ask questions, discern trends, or simply find out what is top of mind, …and share back with you.
​​​​​​​​​​In a recent survey, we asked our​ panel of Insiders about politics:
will vote in the 2016
presidental election.

want to see OOH political
ads while on the go.​
decide on which candidate to vote
for a few days before the election

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Joel Osteen Mobile advertising 

Joel Osteen​

In attempt to drive ticket sales to an upcoming event, Joel Osteen took advantage of the OOH priming effect on mobile engagement. The campaign secured over 500 clicks to the ticket website in only 4 weeks!​​ Read More

International Spy Museum Transit Station advertising 

International Spy Museum

Rail ads were used to generate awareness and attendance for exhibits and events at the International Spy Museum.​ ​ Read More

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