Measure OOH campaign success with solutions
tailored to your business goals.


Measure OOH campaign success with solutions
tailored to your business goals.

The correlation between OOH ad exposure and consumer actions.

Delivering reach is a given, but by utilizing attribution reports brands can measure the true impact of their marketing campaigns. OOH attribution allows brands to identify users who were exposed to their OOH advertising then made key actions both online and offline.

Our attribution measurement solutions assess consumer actions following exposure to a brand’s OOH campaign. Our approach gives buyers the flexibility to pick and choose the appropriate attribution model for their campaign. Our OOH attribution service includes tracking secondary behaviors such as tune-in, website visitation, and footfall, as well as in-person and online surveys as a means to measure awareness, change in perception, and more. Additionally, we are able to provide social listening metrics for all campaigns and mobile click-thru and secondary action rates for those who add a mobile solution to their buy.

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Footfall, also known as location-based attribution, uses consumer’s physical-world behavior to attribute incremental store and on-site visits to marketing campaigns across Out-Of-Home. By understanding how and when OOH advertising influences in-store visits, brands and buyers can better identify how to reach consumers and drive higher brand awareness, purchase intent and ultimately ROI.

Consumer Survey

Through surveying after exposure, brands have the opportunity to better understand how audiences are responding to Out-Of-Home creatives and assets. With awareness, ad recall, interest and intent to buy attributes – brands and buyers can get a clearer understanding of ROI and the impact of their OOH ad spend.

Website Visitation

Online conversion tracking determines when a consumer is exposed to Out-Of-Home advertising and then visits the corresponding brand’s website or mobile application. By understanding which OOH assets and creative drive website visitors, brands and buyers can optimize towards executions that push users further into the purchase funnel.

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