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 About Us

​OUTFRONT Media Inc.

​​​OUTFRONT gets audiences are everything for brands​​.

We provide a platform that connect brands to their target audiences, as they live their lives. We are famous for the unrivaled impact and creativity of our medium. We champion the power of the largest canvases across North America to grow advertisers’ businesses through driving engagement, fame, and trust. 

And we do it where it matters.​

    • ​​​​We are everywhere. We empower smart brands to take advantage of our ubiquity across 400,000 canvases, our national footprint across 25 top markets, and targeted relevance that can be achieved through our local dominance.
    • We are front and center in the places where people live, work, and travel; from urban centers, to busy highways, to transit hubs, to neighborhoods.​​​
    • We provide the permanent in a media landscape overwrought with the transient. The IRL to fuel the URL. The confluence of, and flexibility between, screens. Truth, trust, and visibility.
    • We are Intelligent OOH. We leverage new technology to make OOH more relevant, responsive, and rewarding to make your existing digital investments work harder.

    OUTFRONT. Impact where it matters.​

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Leadership Team

Jeremy J. Male
Jeremy J. Male

Chairman and CEO

Matthew Sigel
Matthew Siegel

Executive Vice President, CFO

Clive Punter

Executive Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer

Richard Sauer

Executive Vice President, General Counsel

Jodi Senese

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Andrew R. Sriubas

Chief Commercial Officer

Lowell Simpson

Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Nancy Tostanoski

Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resourc​es Officer

Steve Hill​wig

Executive Vice President, Operations

Chris Steinbacher

Executive Vice President, Real Estate


Sales Management

Liz Caprio

Florida Region

Art Martinez

Southeast Region

Marc Miller

SVP, National Sales Trading

Chris Pezzello

Midwest Region

Dan Scherer

Mountain Plains Region

Phil Stimpson

Eastern Region

Dana Wells

Western Region

Dave Wood

Central​ Region

Investor Relations

Results, reports, latest news and publications from OUTFRONT Media

OUTFRONT Environmental, Social, and Governance Approach

​Our leadership in the out-of-home industry and our role as a connector of diverse audiences is predicated on our ability to conduct our business in a sustainable way that considers the interests of all our stakeholders – from employees and local communities to investors and customers. Every day we are committed to managing Environmental, Social, and Governance ("ESG") risks and opportunities so that we can unlock greater value. 

We are currently preparing OUTFRONT’s 2018 ESG report, the first for our company. It will be available in the Spring of 2019 and will reflect our ESG strategy, key initiatives and performance data for calendar year 2018, as well as future and ongoing efforts to evolve our approach to ESG.

Key focus areas in the disclosure include:
  • Our Business Practices: How we’re empowering a culture of integrity, advancing responsible advertising and promoting strong leadership and corporate governance practices across every level of our business.

  • Our People: What we’re doing to create a workplace where employees feel engaged, rewarded, and empowered.

  • Our Social Impact: How we leverage our reach to help advocate for social causes and inform the general public in times of need. 

  • Our Environmental Footprint: Our work to continuously improve our environmental performance across our footprint.

As we continue to build our ESG approach and reporting, we will share updates and progress along the way. We invite you to review the disclosure and follow us as we continue to make progress and improvements into the future.

For any questions or additional information, please contact us at ESG@outfrontmedia.com.

Our Offices​

North America

United States

With more than 400,000 unique locations throughout the U.S, we are a premier out-of-home media provider to outdoor advertising agencies. In addition to Billboard advertising spread throughout major U.S. markets, OUTFRONT Media Inc. offerings also include Street Furniture advertising, Transit advertising, Digital advertising and more, with coverage across vast geographies utilizing multiple media forms within key locations.


As Canada’s leading full-service Out-of-home advertising company, OUTFRONT Media Inc. Canada has strong coverage across Canada including all of Canada’s top 10 market​s and in an additional 60+ communities from coast to coast. Products include Digital Bulletins, Digital Posters, Posters and Street Furniture (Transit Shelters, Map Stands, and Kiosks) and high profile large format Superboards in key locations in Toronto and Montreal, as well as the iconic fully digital Yonge Eglinton Centre which launched November 2014.​


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