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 Phil Stimpson

​​​​Phil​ Stimpson

Executive Vice President, East Coast Region​

Phillip Stimpson 
Phil is the Executive Vice President of the Eastern Region. With key cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Boston, the East contains the country’s broadest array of inventory. From Times Square to Digital OnSmart screens in transit systems, marketers are able to reach any audience. In this role Phil, oversees OUTFRONT Media’s strategy to innovate, expand revenue, and integrate digital & static media. Additionally driving and managing the real estate portfolio and managing the P&L for optimum result are paramount.

Having run the transit division at CBS Outdoor, Phil is an unabashed transit lover in addition to billboards. Phil is known as a jack-of-all-trades, as he has successfully operated every conceivable OOH media business , and launched many products that he dreamed up. Prior to his leadership roles at OUTFRONT Media and CBS, Phil led selling efforts at Viacom Outdoor, Infinity and TDI, which shaped a depth to his carrier unsurpassed by executives in the space. Phil’s career began in television advertising at Katz Communications.

Phil is an avid winter sports enthusiast and outdoorsman, even as a New Yorker! He has also been known to dabble in comedy and acting. Phil currently resides in Manhattan with his wife and son.

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