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 Jodi Senese

​​​​Jodi Senese

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Jodi Senese  

As the CMO, Jodi Senese oversees all aspects of marketing including research, advertising and creative services, and is integral in developing new business strategies for the company.  Responsible for leading the  rebrand of OUTFRONT Media, she launches new company initiatives including the insights community and an in-house creative boutique. Senese has over thirty years of experience in the out-of-home industry, formerly as Executive Vice President/Marketing at CBS Outdoor, Executive Vice President/Marketing at TDI and Vice President/Marketing at Gannett Outdoor.

Senese began her career at New York Subways in 1981. She is very involved in industry leadership and serves on the executive committee of the TAB and served as Chairwoman of the OAAA Marketing Committee from 2009 till 2013, and is the 2013 recipient of the prestigious OAAA Marketing Award. Jodi is a 1981 graduate of Rutgers University. She currently lives in Katonah, NY with her husband, two children and dog, Bello.

Posts​ written by: Jodi Senese

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