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 Clive Punter

​Clive Punter

Executive Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer

Clive Punter  

Clive Punter is the executive vice president and chief revenue officer of OUTFRONT Media. He is based in New York and responsible for driving growth in Outfront Media’s sales operations across the United States.

Prior to joining Outfront Media, Clive lead the global marketing solutions business of LinkedIn. Previously a CBS Outdoor veteran, Clive spent fifteen years at CBS Outdoor International (now Exterion) from 1995-2010, where he was named International CEO in 2007. Clive got his start in media with the Daily Mail (Associated Newspapers), where he worked for 9 years from 1986.

Away from day to day business, Clive has a passion for sports - he is an avid skier, a bad golfer, and an enthusiastic gym goer. He’s a native Brit who relishes family time with his wife of twenty years and two teenage sons.  They all currently reside in the UK.

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