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 Designing for OOH

​​Advertising Design Tips by OUTFRONT Media

Quick tips for designing an effective Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Follow these guidelines for creating a great ad campaign


Good out of home advertising is both simple and direct. An effective billboard design distills your message to its most basic form– a carefully worded idea. Great outdoor advertising design has a single focus, either positioning or selling your product – never both at the same time.


One Message Only

Make sure consumers know the one thing that will get them to react the way you want them to. If you need to say more you can design another ad and rotate the designs.

Contrast Helps

When working with fonts, backgrounds, images, or colors, maintain a level of contrast that keeps your ad design legible and engaging from a distance.

One Point of Contact

Try to stick to one or less. It's hard to write a phone number down, so we recommend a short URL. Keep in mind that people will just google the company name.

Short Copy Lines

Shoot for seven words or less. If that seems impossible, shoot for one really strong visual and your logo.

Use White Appropriately (for digital only)

Unlike printing, white is achieved not by the absence of color, but all LEDs burning at full capacity. It may not be the smooth, soft, white you were hoping for.


We have staff dedicated to out-of-home advertising design best practices. For any questions, please contact Eddy Herty, National Creative Director of OUTFRONT Studios. 


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