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 Urban Panels

​​People magnets.

Urban Panel Advertising in New York City Let's Connect!

Positioned on top of subway entrances, urban panels are the most dominant and vibrant street-level displays in New York City.


  • Attract attention directly to your message when and where it is relevant — creating perfect point-of-purchase opportunities.
  • Visible to subway riders, pedestrians and vehicular traffic, they display messages with great reach and frequency and the opportunity to develop ultimate brand awareness.
  • These units are raised and cannot be blocked by pedestrian or vehicular traffic – leaving a clean line of sight at all times.
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New York

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Discovery Time Square 1515 Broadway spectacular in New York, NY
Discovery Times Square


Mildred Elley urban panel in New York, NY
Mildred Elley

Education and Schools

Primary Design Platform Poster in New York
Primary Design

Real Estate

StreetEasy Platform Poster in New York

Real Estate

Tradicional Mural Project platform display advertising in New York, NY
Tradicional Mural Project

Charity, Public Service

TNT the last ship out of home billboard advertising in los angeles
TNT-The Last Ship


GrubHub Inc. out-of-home wall advertising
GrubHub Inc.

Food Products, Technology Products and Services


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