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 NIAA Sports Properties

​​​​​Nevada Interscholastic activities association
Nevada Interscholastic activities association
Nevada Interscholastic activities association
​​​​​Nevada Interscholastic activities association

NIAA Sports Properties


The Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association (NIAA) is a non-profit organization of secondary schools in Nevada. In essence, the NIAA is the governing body of high school athletics and activities in the Silver State as recognized by the Nevada state legislature. The purpose in recognition of the many educational values to be derived from participation in all forms of interscholastic activities, and in recognition of the need for guidance and direction in the conduct of these activities, it shall be the purpose of this Association to promote, coordinate and regulate league, region and statewide activities to the end that they shall be part of and contribute to the total educational program of the students in the secondary schools of the State of Nevada.

NIAA Sports Properties ​​

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