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 Times Square Billboards

Want Brand Fame?

Our Unmatched Billboard Presence in Times Square Can Help

Ensure your brand is seen at the cross roads of the world. With more than 1.5 million visitors daily, Times Square is among the most effective locations for your billboards and advertisements anywhere in the world. Your brand has the potential to go viral, reaching a broad audience both offline and online.

OUTFRONT is the Times Square expert. As a full media company, we leverage our extensive capabilities to deliver:   

  • The most canvases: 16 strategic static and digital placements. Static ensures that your brand has a 24/7 presence in the square while digital offers dynamic creative capabilities.

  • Diverse Locations: We have the right canvases to match your business goals. From the largest billboard in the square, The Beast, to more moderately priced pieces, The Core Four.

  • Best Experience: We have experience in 3D buildouts and experiential add-ons, demanding attention. Plus, we have an in-house creative studio, providing large format expertise free of charge.

Want to learn more about our Time Square rates and availability? Connect with us today and own New York.

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