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Body Worlds Billboard Extension in Kanas City, MO Let's Connect!

Specialty advertising includes many diverse campaign additives – mobile and printing technologies, street teams, and creative outdoor advertising – that are sure to engage an audience.

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extensions and embellishments out of home advertising
Extensions & Embellishments

OOH offers a creative canvas to make a major splash in the market allowing extensions or embellishments to pique consumer interest.

Wrapped Media

Offer tremendous impact that increases noticeability and recall from target regions or audiences. We offer a wide range of forms intended to turn heads.

Printing Technologies

Add motion (or lenticular) printing to create the illusion of depth, 3-dimensional views, motion, flipping, and distance within the ad.

Audio Technologies

Connect with all MP3/CD/Radio/Satellite listeners with earphones via out-of-home displays.

Mobile Network

Combine the power of OOH with mobile to create increased awareness and engagement opportunities with your target audience.

Engagement Zones & Street Teams

Ignite connections between consumers and brands in unexpected ways.

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