Specifications for Inventory and Packages

  1. How These Specifications Apply to Your Campaign
  2. This page provides additional detail for OUTFRONT’s out-of-home advertising inventory and packages and our standards for posting and delivery of advertising copy on OUTFRONT advertising displays. These specifications apply across all advertising campaigns and contracts between OUTFRONT, its advertisers and their advertising agencies, buying services, and other agents and licensees.

  1. How OUTFRONT Sells Out-of-Home Inventory
  2. We may market our static and digital inventory as individual units and as parts of networks, packages, vehicles, stations, shelters, and other bundles and combinations to meet the varying needs of our advertisers. The specific displays available to display advertising copy within any such grouping may vary over time as new displays are installed and existing displays are disabled or removed for maintenance.

    For a given campaign, OUTFRONT may allocate advertising copy among the displays within any purchased grouping in its discretion and may make reasonable substitutions among displays, vehicles, stations, and shelters based on availability. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in the applicable contract, advertiser requests for display of copy on specific locations within a network or package may not exceed 20% of the total number of locations purchased.

  1. OUTFRONT’s Posting Standards for Static Advertising
  2. In order to ensure the timely commencement of your campaign, you must furnish all static advertising copy in the form and format required by OUTFRONT at least ten working days before the estimated start date of your campaign.

    If static advertising copy is timely provided as required and is not rejected, the copy will be posted within five working days of the commencement date for the campaign. However, for showing based programs, which include static advertising installed on rolling stock such as subway railcars, OUTFRONT commits to posting at least 85% of the program within five working days of the commencement date. A service charge payable in advance at OUTFRONT’s current rates will apply for installations on walls and for any changes to advertising material or copy after initial placement or posting. OUTFRONT will use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain displays in good condition to the extent of matters reasonably within our control. However, should your copy be lost, stolen, damaged, defaced, or deteriorated for any reason, including ordinary wear and tear, you will be responsible for furnishing replacement copy. Where illuminated displays are provided, illumination will be from dusk to midnight unless we specify otherwise for a specific display.

  1. OUTFRONT’s Posting Standards for Digital Advertising
  2. Advertising copy for digital displays must be provided in the file, format and digital encoding standards required by OUTFRONT at least ten working days before the estimated start date of your campaign. Failure to provide digital copy with the correct aspect ratio, resolution, format, or encoding may result in delays in posting and additional processing fees.

    To account for scheduled maintenance, outages, public emergency messages, Amber Alerts and other disruptions to digital displays, OUTFRONT will be deemed to have met its obligations to an advertiser by displaying the advertising copy for at least 92.5% of the display time set forth in the applicable advertising contract, excluding preemption for takeovers as described below. OUTFRONT is not obligated to display digital copy for more than 92.5% of the aggregate agreed display time. For purposes of determining this minimum display time has been met, so long as the total actual aggregate display time across the agreed displays or locations amounts to at least 92.5% of the total agreed display time, OUTFRONT will have met its obligation and no reimbursement, credit or equitable remedy will apply.

    Subject to the minimum display time above, OUTFRONT may at any time preempt the display of copy in order to utilize its digital displays for public service messages in connection with an Amber Alert or any public emergency (including emergencies related to public health or homeland security).

    Additionally, from time to time OUTFRONT may preempt scheduled advertising copy in order to accommodate a brand domination or takeover – for example, in the case of a transit station brand domination requiring all displays within a station to simultaneously display coordinated content for a single advertiser for some period of time. OUTFRONT will make efforts to avoid the need for preemption of advertising copy for such takeovers. However, if scheduled advertising copy is preempted for a brand domination or takeover, OUTFRONT will, at our sole option and as the impacted advertiser’s sole remedy, either equitably extend the duration of preempted advertising copy or issue a pro-rated credit for advertising services equivalent to the period for which the advertising copy was preempted.

    Unless otherwise agreed in the applicable contract, a spot on a digital display means the display of advertising copy for the purchased time increment (e.g., 15 seconds) within a rotating content loop on a single digital display during the purchased campaign duration. All purchased advertising on digital displays within a transit agency network is subject to and net of obligations to the relevant transit agencies (e.g., minimum display time commitments for agency and public service messages).

  1. What if OUTFRONT is Unable to Meet These Posting Standards?
  2. If OUTFRONT is unable to secure or loses the right to use any advertising location, a location becomes obstructed, destroyed or defaced, OUTFRONT fails to display digital copy for the required minimum display time, or if OUTFRONT fails to meet these standards or otherwise fails to deliver, that failure will not be deemed a breach or termination of the affected contract. However, we will make good on our delivery commitments to you by either (i) equitably extending the advertising period of the affected contract at the contracted location or a replacement location of equal value, (ii) issuing you a pro-rated credit for advertising services equivalent to the period for which copy was not displayed, or (iii) terminating the impacted contract and reimbursing you for fees paid relating to the period and displays for which the copy was not displayed, in each case at our sole option and as your sole remedy for the failure, unless a different or more specific remedy is specified in your contract.

  1. Advertising Copy Approval and Restrictions
  2. The character, design, text and illustrations on advertising copy and the material used are subject to approval by OUTFRONT and by the location owner, transit authority or third party controlling the location. Nudity, pornographic, profane, or obscene copy is prohibited, and other content-based restrictions may apply to specific locations and transit systems. It is the responsibility of each advertiser to ensure that its advertising copy complies with applicable laws and regulations.

  1. Impressions, Audience Data and Asset Ratings
  2. Unless an advertiser is purchasing advertising expressly based on delivery of impressions (rather than display time), any data or representations regarding the number of impressions, the audiences or other ratings of advertising assets (including any impression ratings on the face of the contract) are provided for informational and campaign planning purposes only, should not be relied upon for any other purpose, and do not create any obligation for OUTFRONT.

    For campaigns where OUTFRONT has expressly agreed to deliver a specific number of impressions (rather than only delivering a specific display duration), an impression consists of an instance of an advertisement rendering on an advertising display within view of a consumer, as solely determined by OUTFRONT’s proof of performance mechanisms combined with OUTFRONT’s audience data, which may include statistically determined historical counts or other sources and methodologies determined by OUTFRONT in our sole discretion. OUTFRONT’s statistical data and methodologies will be conclusive for purposes of calculating the number of impressions delivered.

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