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 Press Release

Mercer University Press Release

Go Bears! Power of Digital Billboards

If you ever doubted the power of billboards, just read this.
Mercer University, a private liberal arts college in Georgia won their ticket into the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, which the first time in over 30 years.
This is right after setting an NCAA record for the most winning inaugural football team in NCAA history. In addition, former President Jimmy Carter serves on our board of trustees. Mercer is the only university known in modern times to ever have a U.S. president serve on its board.
However, with all of this, Mercer at times seems like one of Georgia’s best-kept secrets and not many outside of Georgia have heard about Mercer…yet. Well now we have made it to the dance, playing against power-house Duke, but Mercer Bears have spirit and play to win, and so do our fans which include our billboard partners.
Tuesday, March 18 (2 p.m.) – I am meeting with my account executive from CBS Outdoor, David Johnson, who recommends changing our Digital Billboard creative to a message to Support our Men’s Basketball team in today’s game at 12pm vs Duke.
Wednesday, March 19 (Morning) –I start making calls to various other billboard partners asking, What can we do?
Wednesday, March 19 (Early Afternoon) – 20+ boards are up across the state of Georgia and even in Alabama. Our billboard partners made our success their own and rallied behind us with so much support that we never expected.
Wednesday, March 19 (Evening) – Now our billboard manufacturers are in the mix and overnight set up a sophisticated campaign with a live-feed to turn our digital boards into scoreboards during the game. Something that usually takes 5 days minimum to set up. Also by that evening, photos of the boards went viral on social media. Mercer’s president was receiving texts and phone calls about the boards. The men’s basketball team saw the boards while on the bus on their way to the game. They were more than excited according to our coach.
Thursday, March 20 - The following morning on the radio from Macon to Atlanta everyone was talking about the boards and talking about Mercer. No one knew what happened! Was it an anonymous supporter? Nope, it was all our billboard partners and Mercer supporters.
Friday, March 21 (Game Day) – There is still excitement about the billboards and our fans are still sharing our photos.
Maritza E. Ferreira
Director of Marketing and Communications Ferreira_me@mercer.edu


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