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​CBS Outdoor Adds “Creative Makeover” to Online Client Services

New York – August 6, 2013 - In an effort to help clients place more effective out-of-home advertising on the streets, CBS Outdoor has added a feature to their website allowing current and perspective users of the medium to submit copy for a 'creative makeover'.

Outdoor displays are viewed by consumers on the move – either in vehicles or on foot – and copy that creates quick and memorable impact is key to a campaign's success. Simply converting traditional print ads, a common strategy of the uninitiated, often results in cluttered, hard-to-read out-of-home displays.

This new service encourages advertisers to submit their current print ad or any other assets through the website and an out-of-home creative expert will turn it into a 'street worthy' out-of-home display . Any file type can be handled, and up to 300mb can be uploaded at once.

This service is free of charge and was created for small and local advertisers who may not have access to an ad agency or a professional designer. Designs are submitted via a dedicated upload form on CBSOutdoor.com, and each submission will receive a reworking from the company’s expert creative staff within 72 hours.

According to CMO Jodi Senese, "New advertisers are continually looking toward the medium, and we want to offer creative guidance at the earliest possible moment. The website provides an opportunity for that 'early conversation'. Our goal is twofold: to help local advertiser create more effective out-of-home advertisements, and ​to elevate the overall creative product and hence the perception of the medium in general."

About CBS Outdoor
CBS Outdoor is one of the largest out-of-home media companies in the Americas and has a major presence throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America. With both traditional outdoor (billboard and transit) advertising properties and a network of digital displays and mobile offerings, CBS Outdoor gives advertisers both breadth and depth of coverage across vast geographies, as well as immersive ways to connect with advertisers.


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