Why Digital Billboards?

Digital technology offers unique and new capabilities for advertising via digital billboards and is changing the OOH landscape as we once knew it. Digital billboard advertising content can be static, and in some instances, present multiple advertising messages in rotation every few seconds.

  • DOOH adds an extra layer of timeliness and relevance to your campaign through impressive digital technology.
  • Easily change creative messaging based on triggers such as time of day, weather, or sports scores.
  • Digital bulletins deliver high impact creative that is sure to amaze, excite, delight, and connect with your target audiences.

The Effectiveness of Digital Billboard Advertising

Through the latest Nielsen study on DOOH, among consumers noticing digital billboards reported:

  • Over 80% of consumers who notice DOOH are likely to make a purchase
  • 52% noticed digital billboards that gave directions to a store, business, or restaurant
  • 57% of them immediately visited the business after viewing the ad
  • 93% of those visiting the business made a purchase
  • 52% of viewers with smartphones have engaged in actions on their mobile device after seeing a digital billboard in the past year

Larger Than Life

Digital Billboards have revolutionized the industry with cutting-edge technology and premier locations in the most desired markets.

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