Designing the future of out of home

OUTFRONT XLabs is the award-winning, cross-disciplinary, creative innovation group focused on the intersection of human-centered design and outdoor media. The group is dedicated to integrating emerging technologies into out of home to power cutting-edge creative, today and tomorrow.


Interdisciplinary Creatives

Interdisciplinary Creatives

Digital Creative

Future-forward out of home concept development

Content Design

Modern motion media storytelling for digital out of home

Experience Design

Enhancing the entire out of home consumer experience

Creative Technology

Rapid development of advanced capabilities in digital out of home


Notable Works

Advanced Capabilities

OUTFRONT XLabs employs an always-on prototyping methodology that translates valuable insights gathered through sales inputs, industry trends, press phenomena, emerging technologies, and our imagination into advanced OOH capabilities for our trusted partners.

Powering modern campaigns with live data feeds, triggers, and creative inputs.

Digital out of home assets of all shapes, sizes, and locations can bring more value to audiences through the integration and application of live-data feeds. OUTFRONT XLabs leads the industry in understanding the types of live data feeds, triggers, and creative inputs that provide real value to OOH audiences and how to best apply those data sources when developing dynamic campaigns for our partners.

Extending OOH campaigns through active and passive second-screen micro engagements.

With many out of home placements being in high traffic areas with extended dwell times, OUTFRONT XLabs has become industry experts in the development of augmented reality, shoppable, and reactive experiences.

Captivating wandering audiences through anamorphic illusions that suspend disbelief.

Out of home spectaculars are larger than life, often stopping audiences right in their tracks. With Spatial content recently taking the industry by storm, OUTFRONT XLabs has developed OUTFRONT XScape; A simple content design process that provides advertisers the opportunity to bring new dimensions to their large format digital campaigns.

Exploring the relationship between physcial and virtual out of home branded environments.

OUTFRONT XLabs is dedicated to developing a vision for OOH Metaverse/NFT strategies, now and into the future, to ensure first-to-market opportunities that connect physical and virtual experiences for OOH advertisers.

Enhancing the consumer experience through the agile research and design program tailored to out of home.

At OUTFRONT XLabs consumer experience is at the heart of everything we do. We’ve developed an outward facing program to bring the power of CX to municaplities and transit authorities. Connecx by OUTFRONT helps uncover valuable insights that can be used to develop a succint content strategy that meets the many needs of a community or ridership.

OUTFRONT XLabs is ready to collaborate with businesses aiming to apply or develop advanced capabilities in out of home media.
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