Think beyond the canvas with extensions and embellishments.

Grab your audience’s attention by giving new dimension to your brand and standing out! Out of home advertising offers the best creative canvas to make a major impact in the market. Adding billboard extensions or 3D billboard embellishments piques consumer interest and drives conversations. Extensions go beyond the standard billboard frame to increase overall impact, visibility, and attention. There’s no better way to drive press, engagement, and create excitement in your market than extending your campaign with endless creative opportunities.

Change it up with billboard extensions.

Change up your advertising with billboard extensions, which are cutouts placed at the top, side, or bottom of your brand’s billboard! Because they’re so eye-catching, billboard extensions have the potential to draw even more attention to your ad – especially when used in tandem with 3D billboards. Billboard extensions bring brands to life and amplify the stories they tell through out of home.

Go big with 3D billboards.

Excite your potential new customers with 3D billboards! These assets interrupt people’s lives in the best way possible by giving them something to stop, stare at, and ponder. OUTFRONT can install 3D billboards on traditional bulletins, bus wraps, transit shelters, and more, and OUTFRONT STUDIOS offers their expertise in designing truly spectacular creative for brands. 3D billboards can work in tandem with billboard extensions for even more exposure.

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