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Tune in to learn from our experts on how the Travel and Tourism industry is using out of home advertising to communicate with guests and grow their businesses.

Travel Marketing That Moves People

After too long spent inside, we’re getting back out to the places we love – and even discovering new ones! Travel and tourism are officially back, and this moment represents a powerful opportunity to tell your story to a new audience and lock in shifting loyalty.

There’s no better way to do that than with out of home advertising. Destinations, attractions, hotels, airlines, and transportation providers all rely on OOH ads to reach and influence their next guests. Whether your guests’ buyer journey takes inspiration before they book their trip or once they’ve reached their destination, out of home can put you right there by their side every step of the way.


  • OOH ads are highly visible and reach people on the go when they’d rather be anywhere other than home
  • 85% of consumers plan summer travel in 2022
  • 31% are planning international getaways
  • Around two in five high-tier hotel loyalty members and airline frequent flyers are willing to switch
  • Nearly half plan to take at least two weeks’ vacation this year
  • Travel businesses can enlist OUTFRONT STUDIOS, our in-house design agency, to create a campaign that truly stands out.
SOURCE: OAAA and The Harris Poll, March 2022; PwC, 2020

Why OOH?

Unlike digital advertisements that can be skipped, blocked, or tuned out, people notice out of home, and take action. After seeing an out of home ad, two out of three consumers will do something like posting to social media, visiting an advertiser’s website, spreading word of mouth, or even making an online purchase. That’s why out of home is the primer for all things digital.


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Out of home helps inspire and inform travel decisions large and small, from what destination to visit, to where to buy souvenirs, to how to spend those precious days off. And with out of home, roadside attractions enjoy a little extra roadside attraction.

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