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OOH is continuing to shine as 90 percent of US travelers have noticed out of home (OOH) advertising in the past month*. Digitally-native streaming services and entertainment companies are turning to traditional media, such as billboards, to launch their programming. In fact, according to Nielsen’s 2019 OOH Advertising Study, over a quarter of people who saw OOH, went to watch a movie and over a quarter watched a TV program. Media giants are bringing their ads to OOH's big canvases. OUTFRONT is driving results by using targeted OOH assets in order to reach viewers where it matters and when it matters.

*SOURCE: OAAA, 2019 & Nielsen, 2019.


Entertainers Love OOH

17% of the top OOH advertisers are in the entertainment category*. As the second largest top OOH spending category, the entertainment industry is reaching binge watchers, popcorn snackers, and sound streamers alike with the help of OUTFRONT.


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From blockbusting movies to new music to jam to on your commute, we help drive awareness and impact for the entertainment industry. From showstopping billboards to interactive bus shelters, this category knows how to grab the attention of movie watchers and music streamers.

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