OOH Automotive Ads

OOH Automotive Ads

Tune in to hear from our experts on how to the auto industry is using OOH to DRIVE home results.

Drive Automotive Sales with Out of Home Advertising

What’s a better way to reach drivers and commuters than advertising when they’re on the road? As Americans begin to travel again, everyone is back in their cars ready to take road trips. With 51% of Americans travelling 200+ miles nationally, OOH is the way to go as everyone rushes back to the roads. * OOH is the perfect way to reach your target audience effectively as they’re on the move! SOURCE: OAAA, HARRIS POLL 2021

Why OOH and automotive advertising?

95% of people feel safe travelling by car as a means of transportation. As everyone is slowly getting back to normal, ensure that your brand welcomes consumers back to the roads.


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Utilize out of home advertising to connect with drivers and commuters while they're on the go! The automotive category is using OOH to reach different consumer groups and delivering ads where they matter the most.


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