OOH Restaurant Ads

OOH Restaurant Ads

Out of Home Advertising Is How Restaurants & Diners Connect

Did you know that more than eight out of ten consumers often choose items on special when going out to eat, and nearly the same number are interested in trying new dishes?

That’s why out of home is the perfect way for restaurants to drive incremental visits, and especially digital out of home. The dynamic capabilities of DOOH allow advertisers to quickly change messaging and creative, creating a sense of urgency around their short-term offerings. Restaurants can promote their latest deals, specials, and new items, changing as frequently as needed.

The pandemic changed our dining habits, with 27% of consumers ordering carryout more and 23% picking up drive-through more1. That means the commute is now literally and figuratively the last mile in the hungry customer’s journey.

Best of all, by partnering with OUTFRONT, restaurants can feed on the creative expertise of STUDIOS, our in-house agency, to imagine a campaign that really gets mouths watering.

Out of Home Gets Eaters’ Attention

73% of frequent QSR diners pay attention to out of home, and nearly the same number have noticed OOH ads in the past month. With the dining landscape growing increasingly competitive, out of home is more important than ever to help restaurants stand out.


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