Connecting Employers & Job Seekers with OOH Ads

Did you know that 73% of employers find it difficult to search for qualified candidates? If you’re an employer, you probably did. The Great Resignation has created new staffing challenges for employers large and small.

That’s why out of home is the perfect way for employers to connect with potential employees. Not everyone looks for a job in front of their computers – sometimes you have to meet job seekers where they are, as they live their lives. And out of home provides a real, tangible physical presence in the communities employers serve.

Out of home’s targeting capabilities suit it particularly well to reach niche audiences, while the agility and flexibility provided by digital out of home lets employers change out messaging and creative on the fly, or even run dynamic campaigns with creative that changes with the weather, time of day, or even traffic.

Best of all, employers can create truly powerful recruitment campaigns by partnering with OUTFRONT, feeding on the creative expertise of STUDIOS, our in-house agency, to imagine a campaign that gets applicants excited.


Out of Home Inspires Action

No ad medium inspires people to take out their phones and do something quite like out of home. After seeing out of home, 41% query search engines and 29% visit advertiser websites – overindexing by 5.3x and 4.9x, respectively, on a dollar-for-dollar basis.


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