Out of Home Brings DTC Brands to Life

Led by household names like Warby Parker, Casper, and Dollar Shave Club, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands continue to make a splash. 65% of consumers say that DTC has changed the way that they shop, and 36% have made a DTC purchase in the past year.

For DTC startups trying to reach the stature of those brands mentioned above, out of home is an essential element of any success story. Without an in-store presence, DTC brands need to build brand awareness and trust on their own. Fortunately, out of home delivers, bestowing advertisers with buzz, name recognition, and brand legitimacy.

Since out of home is larger than life, in your face, and unskippable, it gets noticed. And because OOH is most trusted of any advertising medium, it builds brands in a way that TV, radio, digital, and print simply cannot.

What’s more, a simple QR code can transform any out of home ad into an instantly shoppable experience, shortening the buyer journey and allowing OOH viewers to act on the emotions a campaign makes them feel.


Out of Home Inspires Brand Engagement

Dollar for dollar, out of home drives more digital engagement than any other medium – and those actions are critical for DTC brands. After seeing out of home, 41% query search engines and 29% visit advertiser websites – overindexing by 5.3x and 4.9x, respectively, on a dollar-for-dollar basis.


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