Watch our Consumer Packaged Goods Brand Builder to learn how OOH amplifies products for maximum success with consumers.

Effective CPG Campaigns Include OOH Advertising

Whether consumers are shopping in-store or online, out of home advertising is a critical part of every customer journey offering new opportunities to impact consumers on the go. OUTFRONT offers solutions enabling consumer packaged goods brands new capabilities enhancing OOH planning, activation, engagement, and measurement while seamlessly integrating into omnichannel strategies. From influencing the purchase decision to creating in the moment demand, it makes sense to include OOH - screens and canvases outdoors where consumers spend most of their time - to prime and influence purchasing behaviors.

There are many benefits of OOH and CPG advertising

OUTFRONT offers a presence in the top 50 markets and 118 DMAs, penetrating new audiences for CPG brands that are complementary to other investment channels. With over 500K canvases and presence in highly trafficked transit hubs, we have national breath with deep local depth. We deliver the best inventory in the country, such as billboards and street furniture, serving as the perfect blank canvas for your consumer packaged goods advertising, illustrated through big, bold, and beautiful creative. Lastly, by pairing traditional out of home media and mobile advertising, consumer packaged goods advertisers can deliver targeted ads and speak directly to audiences in their desired areas.



Of consumers report noticing OOH advertising during their shopping trips

OOH is a meaningful touchpoint near the point of purchase with 73% of consumers report noticing OOH advertising during their shopping trips. CPG brands can convey their messaging through out of home advertising on billboards, liveboards, transit, and more. The opportunities are endless, and our creative experts, OUTFRONT STUDIOS, are ready to design the perfect campaign for reasserting your brand in the public eye!


Here’s how it all works

OUTFRONT offers marketers a full suite of solutions starting at the planning stage and flowing all the way through to end of campaign attribution. Learn more below.

Integrate 1st & 3rd party data, index the segments against OUTFRONT premium assets and create a retail network tailored to your target audience. It’s that simple. Include points of interests like store locations and competitors locations to intercept the consumer on the path to purchase.

Context matters! Utilize OUTFRONT's best in class creative services and internal experts for free consultations on how to execute contextually relevant OOH messaging that performs. The OUTFRONT Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) solution offers new digital capabilities to integrate your holistic personalization strategies and carry them over to OOH.

QR codes are back and have proven to provide real value to consumers. Make your OOH ads more actionable via Shoppable OOH providing an opportunity for your target audience to engage with your brand. Click to a specific retailer’s cart online for immediate action, offer coupons or discounts in real time. The opportunities are endless!

Evaluate performance across any KPI with an array of attribution solutions tailored to campaign goals/objectives. Footfall, Brand Recall, Website Visitation, Sales Lift measurement studies and more are available to assess campaign performance and tie back to omnichannel strategies.


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