Cheers to OOH Alcohol Advertising

Whether promoting a new spiked seltzer or reminding consumers they can order from the comfort of their couch, alcohol brands and delivery services are using OOH to drive awareness and purchase intent. In March, online alcohol retailers and delivery apps saw surges in sales with some reporting triple-digit growth. Top of mind awareness is more important than ever with the elimination of in-store experiences.


Why Alcohol Advertising and OOH?

It is anticipated that time spent outside will be on the rise as user behavior will drastically change as we exit the outbreak and research has found that 38% of consumers are anticipating spending more on alcohol post-pandemic. OUTFRONT’s high traffic OOH alcohol advertising provides beverage brands a prime opportunity to reach these consumers as they make purchasing decisions.


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We Get You Happy Hour Sippers

Whether picking up or ordering delivery, consumers are shopping for alcoholic beverages. OOH’s larger than life canvases are proven to drive awareness and purchase intent for alcohol brands. Ensure you are top of mind before their next sip.

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