From natural wonders to culture and cuisine, this irresistibly green region is the essence of the Pacific Northwest.

Portland is the largest and most populous city in the state of Oregon. It is home to many corporate headquarters, diverse neighborhoods, retail giants, and major league sports teams. Known by nicknames such as Rose City, Stumptown, and Bridgetown, Portland is a truly unique and thriving city. Beautiful parks, world-renowned restaurants, and countless craft breweries are just some of the draws that make Portland a desirable destination for both relocation and tourism.


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Why OOH in Portland, Oregon?

As a result of robust growth and development, commute times have become ever lengthening. Portland now has the fourteenth worst traffic in America. As commute times grow, there is an opportunity to reach commuters. From crowded urban freeways to small suburban neighborhoods, our inventory can reach specific demographics and target audiences while they are commuting throughout the Portland Metro.


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Get To Know Portland

Our media coverage is expansive, from crowded urban freeways to small suburban neighborhoods. We reach audiences from Salem in the south to downtown Portland in the north.


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Portland Media Kit

Want to learn more about media across Portland, Oregon? Download our media kit and connect with us for further inquiries.

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