Street Furniture

Street Furniture

Eye Level and Eye Catching

Street Furniture enables you to reach your target audiences at eye level. Consumers spend an average of 70% of their time outside their homes.* With a wide range of opportunities, including bike shares, bus shelters, urban panels, and metro lights, these unique outdoor assets provide impact to pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Whether providing broad-based coverage, or targeting specific neighborhoods, Street Furniture provides unique media opportunities in high profile and highly desired urban areas.

*SOURCE: TGI, 2017

Success On The Street

25% Increase in Web Traffic*

Targeting working urban professionals, UrbanStems, a fresh flower delivery service, utilized bike share advertising to drive traffic to their website and increase sales*. Learn more about Bike Shares to see how it can work for you!



Street Furniture Media

  • Following bus routes and penetrating densely populated neighborhoods, shelter advertising delivers mass exposures and can be targeted to reach a specific audience.
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Bike Shares
  • Bike share stations deliver advertisers a unique and impactful opportunity on premium street level displays.
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