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 YouTube New York City Subway Ad Let's Connect!

Changing the popular role of celebrities in advertisements, YouTube’s outdoor campaign sought to turn its stars into celebrities. Explore this case study in detail

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By utilizing vibrant advertising to spread the word, YouTube was able to turn its stars into celebrities. People on instagram and twitter posted about seeing the YouTube stars on subway advertisements.

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The stand-out campaign showcases successful YouTube stars who have generated loyal followers through their passionate posts about everything from food to fashion. Their faces, along with descriptions of their YouTube channel, were seen around New York City on Digital Urban Panels, Brand Trains, Subway 2-Sheet Posters, Subway Stripes with Doors and even the first ever Exterior Wrapped L-Train that passes through their Union Square Station Domination.


YouTube may be one of the most popular websites while doubling as a social media outlet, but its choice for out-of-home advertising for this campaign brought the focus away from the internet and directly to the streets, making its stars easily recognized while out of home.


The campaign sparked immediate responses from its audience as it is YouTube’s first integrated marketing campaign across several media platforms, and was covered in numerous media outlets including Ad Age and WIRED.YouTube reports that awareness for Michelle Phan, Rosanna Pansino, and Bethany Mota increased fourfold, and viewership on their channels shot up 72%, with social followers jumping 171%.


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