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 Youthbuild Charter

Case Study

Youthbuild Charter Bus Interior Card

“We received many calls and texts in response to the ads and we were able to reach our target audience! It gave us a competitive advantage to have our school's name and number be readily available for people to contact and find out about enrolling!"- Emily Suttmeier, Communications & Outreach Manager

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YouthBuild Charter successfully paired OOH and Mobile to raise awareness in the community about their free high school diploma program. The campaign delivered over 600,000 mobile impressions and garnered over 170 calls and texts from people interested in learning about how to enroll.


Youthbuild Charter strategically placed bus interior cards throughout Los Angeles and paired the campaign with Mobile, geofencing targeted zip codes. The dynamic landing page included branding, directions, click to call, and a link to their website with more information.


YouthBuild Charter wanted to raise awareness in the community about their free high school diploma program for students. The program assists those that may have dropped out, aged out, or been pushed out of traditional high schools.


“Google Analytics showed that we had 56.56% more users, 53.67% more new users, and 54.05% more page views. We also saw an improvement to our target demographics viewing our website with an increase in people ages 18-24 visiting the site. We have seen results from our ads and they’ve given us a good return on investment!” - Emily Suttmeier, Communications & Outreach Manager


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