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 WaBa Grill

​Case Study

WaBa Grill Bulletins in Los Angeles
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WaBa Grill's Los Angeles out-of-home general market campaign on surface street posters and freeway network billboards drives consumers to its restaurants! ​​
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WaBa Grill successfully utilized outdoor billboards to increase brand awareness and gain new customers.


WaBa Grill's current stores and expansion locations in San Diego, Phoenix and Palm Springs perfectly align with its freeway billboard advertising.


They decided to use OOH to raise brand awareness because of its ability to reach the general market and all types of potential clients from different parts of the city as they drove in and out of town.


The campaign was a success! After years of collaboration, WaBa Grill continues to be an Outfront Media client who has been increasing OOH usage of posters, freeway billboards and digital billboards. As a result, people were more intrigued and aware of the brand.


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