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 University of South Florida

​Case Study

University of South Florida

University of South Florida digital billboard advertising in Tampa Bay Let's Connect!

OUTFRONT Media and USF come together to generate excitement for their upcoming football season.
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The USF Athletic Department wanted to promote season ticket sales for the “Bulls” upcoming football season.


Through the use of billboards (which were upgraded to digital after initial success), USF amplified school pride among the students and residents of Tampa.


The USF Athletic department decided to use out-of-home advertising because it would be seen by a greater amount of fans on their daily commute.


The reaction to the new campaign was strong and instantaneous; photos of the bulletins appeared in all of the local newspapers and the campaign was referenced by the local sports talk radio & TV shows. The University sold nearly twice as many season tickets this year as they did in the past year and gave the credit to the out-of-home campaign. After all the success, the University decided to extend their campaign to a digital billboard. The artwork invited fans to send photos of them giving the “Bulls sign.” By promising the winning entries a chance to be inserted into future billboard designs, they were able to generate massive awareness and received several hundred entries.

-Ayo Taylor-Dixon
Associate Athletic Director
University of South Florida

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