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 Universal Studios

Case Study

Universal Studios - Transformers bulletin advertising in Los Angeles, CA Let's Connect!

Universal Studios took to the streets to promote their newest attraction: Transformers the Ride – 3D.
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Based on the massively popular movie franchise, the new ride is a thrilling, immersive experience that combines high-definition 3D media and advanced flight simulation technology. Universal matched the sophistication of the ride with a wide variety of outdoor advertising displays.

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By pairing different types of media with extremely dramatic creative, Universal wanted to ensure an outdoor campaign just as exciting as the new ride.

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In an effort to generate buzz and attendance, Universal executed an all-out market blitz to promote the new ride with outdoor media that included bus shelters, odd-sized bulletins, bulletins with extensions, and one special build-out that included electroluminescent technology that lights up at night.

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The opening of the ride was an immediate success, with record attendance over the Memorial Day weekend. A 15% rise in attendance the year the ride opened was attributed to the ride’s opening.

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