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 Tropicana Brightens Mornings

Case Study

Tropicana station domination advertising in New York, NY Let's Connect!

Tropicana Orange Juice’s digital billboard, station domination and wrapped shuttle in New York is a campaign that all commuters can relate to, especially while trekking through the busiest commuter hubs in the city.
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Incorporating a social component to the campaign, the Tropicana Brightens Mornings sweepstakes on Twitter gives participants the chance to be one of five weekly winners to receive a year’s supply of Tropicana Orange Juice when they follow and retweet daily posts from @TropicanOJ!


Real tweets from Twitter users – hashtagged #worstmorningever – were posted on digital units in Times Square and all over Grand Central Station sharing real experiences like catching the express train (in the wrong direction), or finally arriving home to NY (with your keys still in LA).


Despite the mishaps of the A.M. featured all over New York City, Tropicana’s ad campaign ensures the audience that they’re not alone in their morning malaise. The campaign extends right up to the point of purchase in retail locations throughout the city – encouraging consumers to “grab a mini bottle” of Tropicana, “the good part of NY mornings,” to brighten up those rough early hours.


Tweets using the hashtag #WorstMorningEver were reviewed by the campaign team and later displayed on various out-of-home media platforms.


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