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 The Treatment Center

Case Study

treatment center of the palm beaches on billboard in west palm beach

"The team at Outfront has been a great help to us over the years, in our effort to treat addiction. With their flexibility, quick turnarounds and attention to detail, it has been a pleasure working with them."

Chris Foy - Marketing

CLICK for The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches website.     


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The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches utilized OOH Billboards and Bus Shelters to increase brand awareness in the market and effectively increased ROI as a result.


Establish the business as a beacon for hope for those suffering from addiction in the community, and generate leads from prospective clients or family members. Billboards and Bus Shelters in Palm Beach County were used in conjunction with other mediums.


To deliver a message of hope in the public square for those suffering from the disease of addiction. Much of our work is based on ending the stigma of addiction, what better way to do that than to have patient's testimonials on a billboard! 


Our billboard campaigns have generated direct calls from our billboard, but it's also been a very effective branding tool. Everyone in our county has seen them and knows our name. On a patient questionnaire, one of the questions is 'How did you hear about The Treatment Center?'. Historically the most popular response has been 'billboard'. Most of these patients, called us from a different source, our website, or a google listing, but our billboard campaigns were their first impression of us, and an impression that stuck with them and led to them calling us. ​


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