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 Tradicional Mural Project

​​​​​Case Study

Tradicional Mural Project platform display advertising in New York, NY Let's Connect!

The mural has always been an integral part of Mexican culture, acting as a major form of expression and beautifying communities for generations. Working with the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC), Jose Cuervo Tradicional’s “Tradicional Mural Project 2012" gave 10 artists from around the country the opportunity to pay homage to the influence of Latino heritage in the U.S, and keep the legacy of murals alive. Explore this case study in detail

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10 lucky (and talented) artists were given 30 days to complete their work. Taking inspiration from music, education, and the importance of family, a collection of 10 unique murals was unveiled in November and the public was given the opportunity to vote for the piece they found most inspiring.

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Voting began on the Jose Cuervo “Tradicional Mural Project” Facebook app, Los Amicos de Jose. Users were able to vote for their favorite mural, read artist bios, view photos from the campaign’s events, and learn more about the mural project by watching a special YouTube video. Voting ended a month later, where one artist would be crowned the winner of a $15,000 grant, as well as a $15,000 donation to a local organization of their choice.

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Jose Cuervo wanted to reach out to New York City and its increasingly prominent Latino community to raise awareness of the campaign. With brand trains, urban panels, and subway posters, the displays were able to steal the attention of passersby with their beautiful artwork. Subway riders were invited to vote for the mural that best represented their state on the campaign's Facebook Page.

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Adriana Garcia from San Antonio, Texas was the winner of The Tradicional Mural Project. In addition to her grant, $15,000 was donated to the Centro Cultural Aztlan, a local non-profit organization that promotes the arts and culture in San Antonio. Congratulations Adriana! Check out the Facebook page to see the mural!​​​

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