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Tide digital roadblock in New York, NY Let's Connect!

As the newly appointed official laundry detergent of the NFL, Tide recently launched an exciting social media campaign to mark the beginning of football season!
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As “the only clean trusted by all 32 NFL teams” Tide partnered up with one player from each NFL team to serve as “Color Captains,” who would expand the social media campaign further by encouraging fans to increase their intensity and passion of their beloved teams. Those who best displayed their pride in team colors would have their photos shared by their favorite players on their team’s Twitter page!

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Utilizing the social call to action #MudSling, the campaign consisted of different teams being colorfully exhibited on the screen and set in opposition for a two-minute window for several hours. During this time, it was up to the fans to “protect your team’s color with Tide” by tweeting insults and #MudSling at the opposing team.

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By including an out of home approach to their social media campaign with the Digital Roadblock, Tide was able to take their outreach to the next level by grabbing the attention of the masses with its striking high definition display and dominant presence.

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Things got dirty as fans bombarded Twitter with smack talk against their rivals for a chance to have their tweets displayed on the Digital Roadblock and see virtual mud splashed on their enemy’s jersey. In the end, Tide’s virtual rinsing spray was able to wash away any stains incurred during battle.

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