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 Dr. Danielle Delaney

​​​​​Case Study

Billboard located in Los Angeles for Dr. Danielle Delaney Let's Connect!

“The Real Deal with Danielle Delaney” on VoiceAmerica.com is a #1 podcast internationally.

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Danielle Delaney and team used billboard media to target adults 18+ throughout Los Angeles. 


To broaden the understanding of the reach of Danielle Delaney Counseling, Inc. as a Private Counseling practice & Sober Companioning Company as well as boost the audience for the talk show Hosted by Danielle Delaney on Voiceamerica.com.


Through a combination of strategically placed billboard bulletins the client would have a wider reach for their target audience.


As a result, Danielle Delaney Counseling, Inc. is also soaring in business and in recognition. Danielle is being interviewed as a "top 50 under 50" female entrepreneur in the United States. The success of the billboard campaign is directly responsible for the additional visibilty. Media and social media are inextricably intertwined in these times and Danielle Delaney’s face and show-name have been posted and reposted in Australia, Italy, England, Belgium, India, Ireland, Canada and Korea because of the nature of cross posting by people on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Dr. Danielle Delaney

Th.D, D.D.

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