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 The Mulch Depot

​Case Study

With spring right around the corner, it was time for The Mulch

Depot to make a large impact on local New Jersey residents and spread awareness.​​​​​ Explore this case study in detail


The Mulch Depot bulletin in New Jersey
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The Mulch Depot was able to increase their web hits and spark interest of their discounted delivery mentioned on the billboard.


The Mulch Depot contracted a bulletin near one of the busiest highways in northern New Jersey close to their location. With bright and bold copy, their billboard was able to intrigue consumers and drive them right to their website.


The Mulch Depot wanted to drive sales and traffic to their website. They turned to outdoor advertising because they strongly believed that it would create the most impact — more than any other medium.


"A lot of people are saying that they see the billboard when they are ordering with us. We've been tracking by the amount of people mentioning the discounted delivery on the sign. Additionally to the discount promotion, the web URL we used is not the regular URL and we've seen a lot of people coming to the website are using the URL on the billboard."


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