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In the age of mobile and online retail shopping, the holidays should be stress free. However, few companies have been able to implement on-the-go retail solutions.
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Target’s “Digital Holiday Experience” helps take the headache out of holiday shopping by bringing convenience and personalization to the consumer, wherever they are.

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Beyond the shelves, Target teamed up with OUTFRONT Media to create a digital shopping experience for commuters waiting at bus shelters and rail stations. Outdoor media created virtual storefronts, featuring shelves of products along with QR codes that took shoppers directly to the purchase page of each product, or to Target’s mobile website for more gift ideas.

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QR codes made their first appearance in Target retail stores alongside some of the hottest toys and popular products. With a smart phone and the Target App or a code scanner, consumers can shop for presents by secretly scanning their QR codes and having them shipped, discreetly and directly, to their doorstep for free. Adding QR codes to the out-of-home displays makes shopping easier and more accessible as our lives become busier and everything is done on-the-go.

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The digital experience allowed holiday shoppers to ship presents to loved ones all around the country without the shipping cost. In sum, Target’s virtual store fronts and digital shopping experience has squeezed holiday shopping into the busy American’s schedule and helped them save some money along the way. Many leading retail brands are seeing this as the wave of the future in consumer spending.

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