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 Summit Christian Academy

​Case Study

Summit Christian Academy Digital Bulletins in Kansas City
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Digital billboards allowed Summit Christian Academy to reach its target audience with multiple messages that featured important enrollment and brand information.​

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Summit Christian Academy successfully reached its target audience to increase enrollment numbers, direct call volume and traffic to their website.​


Digital billboards were the perfect way to feature multiple messages featuring Summit Christian Academy's upcoming enrollment information. The location of the contracted units were ideal to reach the target audience of parents ages 28-55 that live in the Jackson County area.

-Sarah Coats
Director of Development,
Summit Christian Academy



"Outdoor allows you to voice your message so that the entire area will hear it. It must be succinct and to the point but it is great to remind families to call your business or organization."

-Sarah Coats
Director of Development,
Summit Christian Academy


Summit Christian Academy was able to increase call volume and enrollment numbers with the successful out-of-home campaign. Some families that enrolled said that the billboard(s) "reminded and reinforced them that they needed to call."

-Sarah Coats
Director of Development,
Summit Christian Academy


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