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​​Case Study

StreetEasy Platform Poster in New York
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StreetEasy took to the streets of New York with their inaugural OOH campaign, dominating the city with multiple formats and effectively capturing attention with their humorous creative.

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The campaign portrays some of New York City’s real estate challenges in a humorous light and aims to demonstrate how StreetEasy can simplify finding a home with intuitive search tools and amenity filters.


StreetEasy utilized a variety of different formats across New York to impact the city's buyers and renters, including station dominations, subway 2-sheet posters, subway brand trains, and urban panels.


StreetEasy saw OOH as an opportunity to blanket the city with their creative, buying multiple formats and shedding light on New Yorkers’ challenging living situations to build brand awareness.


"I have seen these in the subway and it [had been] a while since I really got into looking at something so powerful, entertaining, and informative." - Daniel Ravelo, Online Commenter

“Every New Yorker can relate to the insanity of the city’s real estate environment and how challenging it can be to find a home. In this diverse city, buyers and renters have very different needs and want to live as they please. The campaign shows that StreetEasy brings much needed rationality and empathy to the process.” - Susan Daimler, General Manager 


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