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Case Study

Squarespace Brand Train in NY
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Web developing platform Squarespace utilized an out-of-home campaign to amplify brand awareness and boost user acquisition.

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Squarespace successfully targeted and reached tech-savvy creatives and small business owners with a subway campaign.


Squarespace, a popular web development platform, wanted to boost user acquisition and brand awareness. They accomplished this by utilizing multiple brand trains, putting their message front and center for New Yorkers to see.


Squarespace chose out-of-home because of the ability to have a large reach amongst a captive commuter audience. Low cost per thousand (CPM) was also noted as a key benefit.


The campaign was a success! Squarespace was able to accomplish a huge growth in their user base at a rate below the target acquisition cost per user. This is considered the most efficient and successful campaign Squarespace has ever run.


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