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 Southland Park Gaming

​Case Study

Southland Park Gaming and Racing bulletin advertising in Memphis, TN Let's Connect!

Creating poker chips that are literally larger-than-life, Southland Park Gaming and Racing wanted to show that they are more than just a race track but big on gaming as well. Explore this case study in detail

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From the amazing location to the coordination, construction and installation of their 3D backlit Poker Chip concept, everything went exactly the way Southland Park Gaming and Racing wanted it to. The professionalism and the level of excitement for the project that mirrored the client’s own level further enhanced their experience.


In order to allow Southland Park Gaming and Racing to “stand out in a crowd” a 14’ in diameter 3-D backlit Poker Chip was designed to set them apart from the competition. This 500 lb chip was constructed and attached to their billboard.


Outdoor advertising gave Southland Park Gaming and Racing the opportunity to convey their message in high-trafficked areas to their target audience with a compelling attention grabbing execution.


Over 100,000 eyes saw this spectacular on a daily basis, which at night illuminated one of the busiest arteries in Memphis, and reaffirmed that Southland Park Gaming and Racing is much more than Greyhound Racing, but a major player in the gaming industry as well.


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