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 Soccer Association

​Case Study

Soccer Association of Independence Poster in Kansas City
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The Soccer Association of Independence turned to out-of-home in hopes to increase their enrollment numbers. Their campaign and spring enrollment were a success by targeting key neighborhoods! 

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The Soccer Association of Independence successfully utilized outdoor billboards to increase their spring enrollment numbers.


The Soccer Association of Independence used junior posters in targeted neighborhoods in the weeks leading up to their spring sign-up in hopes of increasing enrollment.


The location of the junior posters had high visibility in the targeted neighborhoods. Junior posters were the perfect choice to reach parents of children between the ages of 3 and 18- which was their target audience.


"The spring sign-up went VERY well. We had a very large amount of new players. I feel the billboards definitely helped bring in more new players. I know I have at least 10-12 I talked to alone that stated they saw the billboards, so I would say it was a success for sure. We really appreciate the help from you (the AE) and OUTFRONT Media, and plan to do business again with you all in the Fall."​ 

-Joshua Campbell
Soccer Association of Independence​


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