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Samsung digital roadblock in New York, NY Let's Connect!

Samsung and Jay-Z saturated New York City in a first-of-its-kind digital ‘roadblock’ campaign to promote the release of the hip-hop superstar's upcoming Magna Carta, Holy Grail album. Explore this case study in detail

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For one evening, commuters, pedestrians and tourists couldn’t travel anywhere in Manhattan without seeing the black and white creative executions running simultaneously across Outfront Media digital properties


Grand Central digital dioramas and digital urban panels were utilized in addition to two of Times Square’s most high profile units, the Digital Roadblock and the 1515 Broadway Digital. The creative encouraged Samsung Galaxy mobile users to download an app that would give them exclusive access to the album on July 4th, three days before its release to the general public. In conjunction with the digital domination, Jay-Z generated even more excitement by creating a scavenger hunt through his hometown of Brooklyn, New York.


With Samsung and Jay-Z being well-known names for different industries in each household, it was time for both names to place themselves on out-of-home to further ignite the campaign. Digital media that provides ultimate flexibility in creative changes proved to be an excellent format for the fast-paced artist and tech-savvy brand to get their message out.


Prize winners were allowed to view, but not listen to, the album track list at the final location.


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