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 Residents of New York

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New York artist, Andres Serrano, has turned to OOH to highlight the city’s homeless in his latest project Residents of New York. Explore this case study in detail

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NYC’s West 4th subway station domination serves as the largest exhibit of the project, which was created in partnership with public art organization, More Art.


Over the course of the past year, more than 111,000 different homeless men, women, and children slept in the New York City municipal shelter system. In addition, each night thousands of unsheltered homeless people sleep on New York City streets. Artist, Andres Serrano, wanted to bring attention to these facts.


Micaela Martegani, the executive director of More Art, said she and Mr. Serrano wanted to display the photographs in “something between a traditional exhibition and a social awareness campaign. Subway stations seemed like a good choice… to spur debate about homelessness in New York.” Serrano also explained that the he wanted to place his artwork in areas with the greatest public reach. “I wanted to pay homage to them and put them somewhere visible where people could actually see the faces of the people you encounter on the street that you normally don’t look at.”


The out-of-home campaign has caught the attention of not only New Yorkers, but the national media as well. Subway rider Andri Prozio called the installation powerful. "It kind of gives you a feeling that you should have a conscience, that you should be able to do something to help homeless people," she said.


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