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 QueensCare Health

​Case Study

QueensCare Health Bulletin in Los Angeles
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QueensCare Health Centers found that outdoor advertising is an attractive way to reach a mobile and affluent market.​ ​​
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To introduce its business to the Los Angeles market, QueensCare Health Centers turned to out-of-home's capability to target audiences and used bilingual messaging to distinguish themselves from competitors.​



With QueensCare Health Centers' new East Los Angeles facility opening within the coming months, out-of-home increased brand awareness and reinforced the company's slogan of "we're in the neighborhood" by placing bus cards, rail interior cards and bulletins around the new location.


They decided to use OOH because of its ability to reach specific target markets. For example, QueensCare Health Centers utilized rail interior cards to advertise on trains that stopped right across from its new facility.​



“Launching QueensCare Health Centers' first ever our-of-home campaign has been a smooth and effortless process with Outfront Media and our Sales Executive. Our placements throughout the Metro Red and Gold lines, along bus routes, and on multiple billboards have helped us introduce our brand to the Los Angeles community.”
-Bianca Rodas
Communications Manager, QueensCare Health Centers

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