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 Proexport Colombia

Case Study

Proexport Colombia station domination in New York, NY Let's Connect!

The travel agency partnered with OUTFRONT Media to launch their latest campaign, “Colombia is Magical Realism.”
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Targeting frostbitten travelers, Proexport Colombia had many contemplating an early vacation that included sandy beaches, water sport adventures and forgotten cities. The creative featured lively and bright scenery of the country, tempting bundled passengers to contact their local travel specialist for their best option to reach paradise.


The ads encouraged commuters to visit their Facebook and Twitter pages where they could read past visitors’ experiences. The posters also contained QR codes that brought passersby to their mobile travel site when scanned. Visitors could then click on any attraction they’re interested in to learn more or watch testimonials to find out what they would be in store for.


The campaign was designed to entice the audience with a magical experience should they visit the beautiful country. The President of Proexport explained, “…we want travelers to know that they can come to Colombia, but also what they can do here. We will include elements to awaken their senses…” (Proexport).


Out-of-home certainly roused the audience’s attention! Those passing by were captivated by the tropical landscapes during NY’s brutal winter, while the social media aspect allowed people to continue the journey past Bryant Park. The visuals and placement simply breathed life and magic into the campaign!


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