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 Primary Design

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Primary Design Platform Poster in New York
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Primary Design, Inc. effectively targeted upscale renters in New York with this out-of-home campaign, utilizing urban panels, subway 2-sheet posters and car cards.

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Primary Design, Inc. successfully reached affluent renters living in NYC with a subway campaign.


Primary Design introduced their campaign with a Manhattan Showing of Urban Panels and 2-Sheets and then enhanced their campaign with a #50 Showing of Citywide Car Cards.


Their primary objective was to draw renters already living on the West Side of Manhattan up to Morningside Park. They did this by choosing targeted locations that service high end and popular neighborhoods where affluent renters live. Primary Design, Inc. also wanted to generate a city-wide buzz about the property and catch any potential renters that lived in other areas of the city.

“Advertising in NYC's subways is a great way to generate mass exposure. Public transportation is unique in NYC where all income levels travel on it because of its convenience. Not only is our message being spread throughout the city but we are able to pinpoint posters in neighborhoods we want to target. The exposure to the ad is also much longer on the subway. The consumer has much more time to look and absorb the information, take down a phone number or URL versus say a billboard.”


“Before our subway advertising campaign started the property was averaging about 1,000 calls a month from our ad sources. After we began advertising, our calls increased by 50%. Clicks to the website afforded an even more impressive result. Traffic to the website boomed with clicks to the unique URL on the Posters and Car Cards. We saw an average of 3,500 unique visitors per month.”


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