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peapod platform advertising display in washington dc Let's Connect!

Utilizing the power of out-of-home advertising, commuters can now do their shopping via their smart phone.
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Peapod.com, the hugely popular online grocer, has launched 100 virtual stores at some of the nation's most traveled commuter rail stations.


By downloading the Peapod app and scanning barcodes of products displayed on the ads, commuters can do their shopping on the go.


This campaign perfectly illustrates how outdoor advertising beats all other mediums by virtue of its in-the-moment relevancy. While a customer waits for their train, they can spend those few quiet minutes stocking up on the products they need and scheduling a delivery time that works for them.


As a consumer touch point, outdoor advertising connects companies to their customers with a contextual relevance that other types of advertising cannot hope to match. Peapod.com identified a moment wherein every person has time to spare - the time spent waiting for a train - and gave commuters the chance to use it productively.

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